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Zhejiang Taizhou TU-POLY Co., Ltd.

Add:No.535, Shifu Rd, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China.

Tel: 86-0576-88227996

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About us

Zhejiang Taizhou TU-POLY Co., Ltd, as a member of Hongtu Group, which is specialized in Researching & developing, manufacture and sales of chemical product. The Fine Chemical Research Institute under Hongtu Group provides technical support for the development of fine chemical raw materials and daily chemical raw materials, which is an integral part of our company. Our main products: Cosmetic raw material, detergent raw material, thermostatic wax, plastic raw materials, composite materials, anti-corrosive coating material and adhesive materials etc. 

Surfactant mainly is alkyl polyglucosides (APG) series as nonionic surfactants, alkylpolyethoxy carboxylates (AEC) as anionic surfactants, imidazoline series asamphoteric and other green surfactants. These products are widely used in personal care, household detergents: day cream, night cream, body cream & lotion, shampoo and hand cream. And also apply in print, equipment, traffic, leather, metal, cleaning, pharmacy, rubber, building, daily chemical, food and so on. Capable of an annual output of 15,000 tons of APG ,1000 tons of AEC and 2,000 tons of imidazoline.

For ester products, we have high quality Methacrylates series, apply in coatings, Acrylic, ink, adhesives, water treatment, paper, textile, oil field. 

For plastic material, we own CZ80 Twin-screw extrusion granulation production line, professionally produce PVC, CPVC, PPVC pellets, annual capability can reach 8000 tons. Detected by the epidemic prevention station, our products meet the hygiene standards of food packaging containers products of polyvinyl chloride.

Our company also independently developed and produce : thermostatic wax series, thermostatic element series, Temperate Control Valve, Special Wax in Special Purpose. 

We will continue research and development efforts to produce more and better products and efficient and personalized service, and try to meet the various needs of people from all walks of life. We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life come to order guidance, to discuss cooperation.