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Diethyl cyanomethylphosphonate,CAS No.2537-48-6



CAS No.:2537-48-6

Appearance:clear colorless to light yellow liquid



Detail Info:


Product name: Diethylcyanomethylphosphonate 
Molecular formula: C6H12NO3P 
CAS No.: 2537-48-6 
Assay: 98% 
Properties: liquid  
Formula:  C6H12NO3P 
Molecular Weight:  177.14 
EINECS:  219-806-0 
Density:  1.122 g/cm3 
Boiling Point:  305.2 °C at 760 mmHg 
Flash Point:  117.3 °C 

Appearance:  clear colorless to light yellow liquid 

CAS No. 2537-48-6 Synonyms:

Cyanomethanephosphonicacid, diethyl ester (6CI);Phosphonic acid, (cyanomethyl)-, diethyl ester(7CI,8CI,9CI);(Cyanomethyl)phosphonicacid diethyl ester;(Diethoxyphosphinyl)acetonitrile;Diethyl (cyanomethyl)phosphonate;NSC 407826;O,O-Diethyl (cyanomethyl)phosphonate; Phosphonicacid, P-(cyanomethyl)-, diethyl ester


Diethyl cyanomethylphosphonate,CAS No.2537-48-6
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