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White mineral oil,CAS No.8042-47-5

Species:Mineral oil feedstock

CAS No.:8042-47-5



Detail Info:

Name: White mineral oil

Species :  Mineral oil feedstock

CAS No. : 8042-47-5

Appearance: White

Density: 0.86-0.905

Acid value: ≤0.05

Flash point:  220°C

Refractive index: 1.476-1.483

CAS No.8042-47-5 Synonyms:

Diana Solvent 2;Aliphatic petroleum hydrocarbons;

Oil mineral;Crystol J 142;Crystol 72;CaloriaHT 43;CP 68N;

Crystol J 352;CrystolJ 72;D 130;D 95;Daphne 32N;

Daphne CP12N;Daphne CP 68N;Carnation;Catenex OR;

Citgo 340 Neutral;Citrole;Clenvex AS 58;

CAS No.8042-47-5 Application:

White mineral oil (CAS No.8042-47-5) it can be used for the synthetic resin. As polyethylene lubricant dosage up second can be used for cosmetics, fiber oil, food, medicine and so on. If you use the low viscosity of the White mineral oil (CAS No.8042-47-5), washed and moist effect, soft effect. In contrast to this, if the viscosity of the White mineral oil (CAS No.8042-47-5) used is high, then washed and wetting effect is poor, while the soft good effect. According to these characteristics, are widely used in cosmetics, such as bath oil, face cream, vanishing cream, cold cream, shaving cream, baby cream, hair cream, almost all cosmetic oil-based raw materials. In medicine, it is as well as laxatives, ointments, liniments, enemas.


White mineral oil,CAS No.8042-47-5
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