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Cocoanut fatty alcohol,CAS No.68425-37-6

Species:Fatty alcohol

CAS No.:68425-37-6

Appearance:Colorless or light yellow


Detail Info:

Name: Cocoanut fatty alcohol

Species :  Fatty alcohol

CAS No. : 68425-37-6

Appearance: Colorless or light yellow

Molecular weight: 181~208

Density: 0.83

Acid value: ≤1

Saponification value: ≤1

Freezing point: 16~22

Hydroxyl value: 270~310

CAS No.68425-37-6 Synonyms: 


Conol 20KD;


Nafol 1218;

Alcohols, coco;

CAS No.68425-37-6 Application:

Coconut alcohol (CAS No.68425-37-6) is used in the preparation of the surface active agents, detergents, chemical agents, textile auxiliaries, lubricants, perfumes, cosmetics, the raw materials. The coconut alcohol (CAS No.68425-37-6)  from a single into a number of different carbon alcohol use is more widespread.


Cocoanut fatty alcohol,CAS No.68425-37-6
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