Latest omega replica watches for sale
The sophisticated and charming design of omega watches is known all over the world. As one of the top leaders of the world Replica watches makers, the name omega itself has specail meaning. omega has become to be a cultural landmark and definitely a statement of success and achievement for those who wear it. Preferred by businessmen as a confirmation of their social status, the famous omega brand is a globally appreciated trademark, being ranked on the 71 position of the 100 most valuable brands in the world, by the Business Magazine in 2007. Without doubt, wearing a omega watch means a person's wealth and social status.

Belonging to the Oyster Perpetual Collection, the omega replica Watch approaches a design specific to the omega brand, characterized by unique and elegant design lines in the most simple, yet elegant manner. This watch follows on the steps of the first Datejust watch introduced back in 1945, in terms of the date display, which can be found at three o'clock, being shown under a magnifying Cyclops lens.

The case of the omega replica Watch measures 36 mm in diameter and is made of various materials such as: 18 K yellow gold, stainless steel, white gold and also pink gold. This material variety chosen by the designers from omega shows that the company is preoccupied with its customers' taste, the brand making sure that each new timepiece is produced as to satisfy all the loyal customers of omega. The bezel is made of a combination between stainless steel and gold materials, being also inscribed with Arabic numerals for 10 to ten, indicating the minutes.

The dial displays the functions of hour, minute and second in a traditional manner, the only element of distinction being given by the color of the hand indicating the seconds, which is red. The date window is present at 3 o'clock and also, the dial bears the logo of the omega brand under 12 o'clock. The dial doesn't have any Arabic numerals on its dial, the designers have chosen to use simple hour markers luminescent treated.

The omega replica Watch is equipped with a very reliable mechanism that has been C.O.S.C. certified and is defined as the 3135 Caliber. The self winding movement assures the traditional functions of telling time, along with the date function. Other strong points about this movement would be its generous 100 meters water resistance and its 50 meters power reserve.

The bracelet available on the omega replica Watch is specific to omega and is made of united links. The watch is eye-catching because of its sporty yet classic design. It is a watch looks perfect with its design.

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