Built-in air nozzle type TPMS

Designed for vacuum tire passenger car. Built-in sensor can provide more accurate tire pressure changes measurement, suitable for commercial vehicles, sedans, SUV etc. with the function for spare tire testing.

Product Features:

  • Can effectively prevent the occurrence of tire blowout
When the following problems occur-tire appears fast or slow air leakage, the pressure is too high or too low, the temperature is too high and other abnormal conditions, TPMS system will automatically activate the alarm to remind the driver to deal with the problem in time and thus reduce the accident caused by the puncture.
  • Can effectively extend the service time.
Under the standard tire pressure, the tread and the road surface have the largest contact and smallest abrasion; When the tire pressure is too high or too low, tire over wear and structural damage will occur. Tire expert advice: the tire is always maintained at the standard pressure and driving at the normal temperature range, which is one of the important measures to effectively extend the tire service time.
  • Compared with the past method, by observing the tire printing to determine the tire pressure, TPMS will be more timely and accurate to reflect the tire pressure and effectively reduce the time of tire loss or semi-exhaust state.
  • Reduce fuel consumption (abnormal tire pressure has at least 1% -5% influence
    on fuel consumption ).
When the tire pressure is insufficient, the tire rolling resistance increases, so does the fuel consumption; When the tire pressure is too high, the tire grip is reduced and the fuel consumption will be increased correspondingly; Under the standard tire pressure, the fuel consumption is the lowest. In terms of reducing the fuel consumption only, conservative calculation of a car on daily travel of 200 km, the cost can be recouped
in 8 months to 12 months.
  • Try to replace the routine examination of tire pressure gradually.
Before the running of the vehicle, routine inspection for the tire pressure is required. Usually the driver will use a small hammer or by observing the tire printing to determine the tire pressure. The accuracy of this approach depends directly on the actual experience of the master so there will be some differences. TPMS can accurately reflect the tire pressure, so that the vehicle can be driven under the safe and economical state with standard tire pressure for a long time.
  • Can effectively eliminate the “rolling tire” accident.
While the vehicle is running, once the tire leak slowly, the driver is difficult to perceived immediately, which easily leads to “rolling tire.” The TPMS will remind the driver to deal with it timely. For a car, as long as to prevent a “tire” in 5 years to 7 years, you can recoup the cost at once. The statistics show that: in such a long period of time, there will be many different degrees of rolling tire.

Product Advantage:

  • Sensor using high-energy lithium sub-battery (operating temperature: -40-125 °C);
  • Sensor inventory status does not work, automatically activated after loading;
  • With intelligent speed sensing function, by perception of vehicle speed, it can automatically adjust the measurement and send frequency, which can save energy 
  • Under normal circumstances the product can be used for 5-7 years.

Post time: Sep-09-2017
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