Temperature control valve


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Temperature control valve principle:

By controlling the heat exchanger, air conditioning unit or other heat, cold equipment, a hot (cold) media inlet  flow, in order to control the outlet temperature of equipment. When the load changes, adjust the flow by changing the valve opening to eliminate the effect of load fluctuation, so that the temperature is restored to the set point.

Air compressor temperature control valve is a typical application in the field of temperature control such as HVAC. The controller has the functions of PI and PID control, precise control, multi loop control, and various functions. It can control the flow, pressure, pressure difference, temperature, humidity, enthalpy and air quality. Actuators have Electro-hydraulic and Electromechanical, with manual and automatic adjustment function, sensitive adjustment, closing force, flow characteristics adjustable (linear percentage). The Electro-hydraulic actuator has a power-off auto-reset protection function that can receive signals from 0-10V or 4-20MA with valve position feedback. The valve body is the flow control valve, suitable for circulating pipe chilled water, low pressure hot water, domestic hot water, high pressure hot water, sea water, hot oil, and steam regulation linear good, adjustable ratio, tight seal, high temperature resistance, Anti-cavitation.

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