Crayon Painting

here’s the follow-up video:

Super duper edit: I did this like, three years ago. I don’t know why people are still watching it. Why are you watching it? TELL ME WHY YOU ARE WATCHING IT. It’s unicorn crap.

Extra edit: I wouldn’t think it needed to be stated, but apparently it does: DON’T ALLOW YOUNG CHILDREN TO HANDLE HOT GLUE GUNS. Any object that gets this hot should never be handled by a young child, and even older children need adult supervision before attempting this kind of project, okay? Use common sense. Be careful.

Hot glue gun, crayons. Edit: a lot of you have been asking if I ruined the glue gun with this. The answer is yes, the gun is destroyed. Finito. Dead dead deadsky (afterlife kids, de-CEASED). It was a cheap two dollar glue gun from Wal-Mart anyway.

Song is ‘Just Another Werewolf in the Night’ by Spoken Nerd.

Post time: Sep-21-2017
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