Fully automatic cup filling&sealing machine Vollautomatische Becherfüll-und Verschließmaschinen

Fully automatic cup filling and sealing equipments&Vollautomatische Hochleistungs-Becherfüll- und Verschließmaschinen designed and manufactured by PENGLAI cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like the milk cup filling and sealing processing and such like.We moreover can design and produce the food packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers.

This series of cup fililng and sealing machines is widely used in various kinds of plastic cup for liquid filling and sealing. It can automatically finish the process of filling,sealing,cutting,printing the code, sterilizing in ultraviolet radiation and falling cup etchings addition.

Function about PENGLAI Fully auto cup filling &sealing machine :
1. This machine is fully automatic from cup falling, filling lid loading, sealing and releasing, completely pneumatic control with simple operation. The outer structure of machine is shielded with SUS304 stainless steel. Electric and pneumatic parts of cup filling sealing and packing machine are all famous products from all over the world ,so the quality is stable ,the life is long ,important mechanical parts are made with advanced process center ,so mechanical parts can cooperate well,the operation is stable ,the function is advanced and the quality is reliable .

2. Sanitary, reliable, good-looking, truly wonder in the foods sector.
3. Cup washing device, and UV aseptic and sterile device can be installed.
4. Human-device interface, computerized operation.
5. Mechanical release in a whole row. The temperature control system of the machine uses totally new AUTOSCR,is a new intelligent heating system ,temperature control effect is good ,and it can save the energy more.
6. Filling system can be matched with high-particle device.The packaging machine is equipped with acid proof stainless steel ,and accords with sanitary standard ,and easy to be maintained .
Technic Data about the cup filler and sealing machine fully automatic
Cup Volume :200g Capacity:7200-9600cups/hour ; Supply power:380-430V/50-60HZ

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Post time: Oct-14-2017
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