Jingcheng STEAM chowmein Noodle Line

Chow mein noodle machine production line is researched and developed by the company independently so as to meet the market demands, adsorbing advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad, the product is a leading Non instant noodle production equipment at home, which is elaborately designed and manufactured by experts with rich wisdom and experience, and it is perfect carrier of mechanical-electrical integration in the whole production line, the product owns advantages as follows:
1.1.1Advanced technologies and high automation
⑴The closed-loop speed control system, consisting of speed feedback control and high-precision pulse coder, is designed to perform synchronous control on the whole production line, and it is featured of easy adjustment and high precision synchronization.
⑵It takes the programmable logic controller (PLC) as the process center, and perform automatic control on the process, and the motors on most single machines adopt frequency speed control.
1.1.2High quality, efficiency and sound shaping
⑴The dough has regular shape, uniform corrugation, well-proportioned color and high quality.
⑵It has stable performances and high efficiency and easy to operate.
⑶The whole production line is well designed with sound shaping, applicability and safety.
1.1.3Advanced process
⑴The dough mixing machine is designed with double shafts and double speeds for optimal dough mixing effect.
⑵ The calendar ratio of noodle maker is designed logically, and the clearance between rollers is easy to change.
⑶Single layer or multi-layer steaming machine is designed with originative structure, where the temperature remains proper and the pasting degree of noodles keeps higher.
After being cut off, the dough keeps high proportion to be placed in a box, meanwhile, it is unnecessary to stop the machine to finely adjust the weight of the dough.
⑸High heat exchange rate in drying, no pollution .
1.1.4New and hi-tech facilities, and precision finishing
⑴High-precision sensors and control elements, sound quality, stable and reliable.
⑵The rollers adopt centrifugal casting with cold and hard alloy, processed with accuracy, and the hardness on the surface of the products reach over HRC45, featured of abrasion resistance and long service life.
1.1.5To take full consideration for food sanitation and production environment.
⑴Spare parts that touch flour, noodles and dough are made of stainless steel or materials harmless to the body.
⑵Steamer and drier are equipped with heat insulation material so as to prevent
heat dissipation.
⑶The steamer, drier and cooling machine discharge muggy air out of the chamber, which could improve the operational environment in workshops but also reduce environment pollution indoors.
The equipment is used for the continuous production of dried instant noodle with high yield, the final products can be edible with hot water . The instant noodles with water taste soft and sound in chewing;

Post time: Oct-02-2017
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