PiXDRO IP410 Industrial Inkjet Printer Platform

The IP410 is an advanced industrial printer, build for use in the production
of PV (CIGS, O-PV, Si wafer based) PCB (classical & multi-layer, 3D),
Semicon (sensors, power devices, (bio)MEMS), OLED (lighting, display,
3D), Touchscreen and Printed Electronics. One of its main strengths
is printing with high precision in multi-layer applications as a result of
the vision-positioning-print-check loop. The IP410 can print in X, Y
and XY direction, and is capable of rotating its head assembly. Due to
modularity, a customer is always able to customize this platform to its
specific needs. The IP410 platform supports various print head types
and laser modules. Functionalities are printing, cleaning and repairing.
The IP410 platform opens up possibilities and opportunities never seen
before; it can be modulated into the perfect tool to support advanced
R&D or as a fully automated (pilot) production tool.

Capable for printing aqueous-, solvent-, hotmelt- and UV based inks

Maintenance functions; jetting, vacuum capping, print head purge, wiping and nozzle inspection

Automatic compensation for substrate deformation, based non-linear scaling using fiducial alignment

Substrate carrier with vacuum clamp, integrated heating/cooling possible and lifting pins option

Different, tunable, control levels in HMI for operator-, maintenance- and process control

Advanced print strategy software, PrintGen

Integrated vision system for process control

SECS/GEM interface for integration with factory production monitoring and logging systems

Single-pass, multi-pass and multi-directional printing

Closed, controlled, conditioned environment

Post time: Aug-30-2017
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