Solar Car Decorative Lights Wireless LED Burst Flashing Lights

Car Decorative Lights Solar Wireless LED Burst Flashing Lights


1.Solar charging , the lithium battery storage , free wiring, maintenance-free, efficient and environmentally friendly,
2.Product shell injection molding , high-performance silicone potting opening position , corrosion resistance, aging resistance , waterproof performance is extremely good , high-pressure water jets can be avoided by washing the body and cause damage to the product,
3.Intelligent control system,built-in high sensitivity vibration sensors and sensing systems , flashing themselves in low-light environments while driving . And there is a delay off feature,continue to work in the process of parking and red light , parking or no vibration body120Seconds after shut down automatically.
4.After the truck driver take care of features, the car near10Within meters,multi-function warning light will automatically stop light, before overtaking or distance after the warning light starts flashing again .
5.Last inductive switch , built-in 5 Kinds of flashing mode can be self-regulating.

Warning lights affixed to the car fog position , the car can also be pasted on the front ,rear bumper fixed position or car license in the network .

Warning lights built-in sensor switch,control diskette close3Seconds to open or close the warning lights,warning lights after opening,close Disk1Remove seconds after flashing mode can be changed once built 5 modes to be adjusted.
5 Modes are:seven colorA,Chunlan,Pure red,Pure Green,Seven colorB,Each mode will 5-30 Kind of strobe combinations.

Package Included:

1 X Car Decorative Lights

Post time: Sep-10-2017
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