DZ-1801 Series Intelligent Electric Control Valve Actuator

DZ-1801 Series Intelligent Electric Control Valve Actuator

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The DZ-1801 series intelligent electric control valve actuator is a new type of intelligent control terminal equipment specially designed and launched for application fields such as pipe network balance and heating and cooling automation monitoring.
The control system includes linear regulating valve body, intelligent valve controller, temperature control panel and other equipment components.
The multi-function valve actuator takes a high-performance low-power microprocessor as the core, has a variety of sensor interfaces and communication channels, and forms a complete heating telemetering station with high-precision temperature sensors to achieve inlet and return water temperature, indoor temperature, The collection, storage, and control of central heating-related data such as set temperature and valve opening and closing degree, and access to fieldbus network or Internet through MBUS, and remote communication with the monitoring and dispatching center can realize on-site automatic control and remote host computer control.
◆The actuator is used in conjunction with the linear stroke control valve, with high adjustment accuracy.
◆The valve actuator is driven by stepping motor + gear reducer + high-precision T-screw screw nut, with small transmission gap and low noise, which can meet the needs of high-precision adjustment.
◆The panel can communicate with the valve by wired or wireless communication.
◆Automatically collect storage environment temperature, inlet and return water temperature, valve switch position.
◆PID temperature loop adjustment is used on site to realize stable temperature control.
◆Communication method: RF470, RS485, M-BUS.
◆Support Modbus RTU protocol.
◆The power supply mode is flexible. The valve actuator can be used to supply power to the panel, or the panel can be used to supply power to the valve actuator.
◆The wired communication between the valve and the panel adopts mbus mode, which is non-polar, which is convenient for on-site construction and is not easy to connect wrong wires.
◆The valve actuator can display the opening degree of the liquid crystal display on site or display the opening degree code.
◆Optional Bluetooth or NFC communication with mobile phone APP, on-site extraction, setting valve parameters, and updating programs.
◆Personalized functions can be customized according to user needs.
◆We can customize appearance design and develop molds for customers.
Function Description:
1.Receive temperature information from the thermostat, and control the valve opening according to the temperature control algorithm.

2.Collect temperature information in the pipeline, and control the opening of the valve according to the temperature control algorithm.

3.Data upload for operating data (such as valve opening and closing, valve opening,temperature of controlled temperature field, set temperature).

4.On-site display of valve opening and communication status.
5.The upper computer priority program (the upper computer can lock the control authority of the user panel to the valve).

6.Can carry our patented technology induction locking loop to prevent human interference such as theft of heat (if the actuator is separated from the valve body, the actuator will alarm to the upper computer).

7.Valve status detection, which can detect and report valve communication, locked-rotor and other faults.

8.The stroke can be freely configured according to different valves.
9.Control: can choose upper computer control and local control.
Technical Parameter:
Input voltage
Working power consumption
Standby power consumption
Maximum stroke
Temperature measurement accuracy
Temperature Sensor
Valve adjustment range
Minimum adjustment range
Way of communication
Opening and closing time of full trip
About 6 seconds
Digital display of opening, communication and
other information
Use environment
Temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Humidity: ≤95%RH (no condensation)
Hot (cold) carrier
IP rating
Installation method
Vertical type, ±20

DZ-1801 KV curve of valve body

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