OEM manufacturer custom TU-1C01 thermal wax actuator for air conditioner and compressor Wholesale to The Swiss

OEM manufacturer custom
 TU-1C01 thermal wax actuator for air conditioner and compressor Wholesale to The Swiss

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Our company since its inception, always regards product quality as enterprise life, continuously improve production technology, improve product quality and continuously strengthen enterprise total quality management, in strict accordance with the national standard ISO 9001:2000 for Thermal Powered Actuator , Air Compressor Parts Filter , Radiator Thermostat Valve , Our highly specialized process eliminates the component failure and offers our customers unvarying quality, allowing us to control cost, plan capacity and maintain consistent on time delivery.
OEM manufacturer custom TU-1C01 thermal wax actuator for air conditioner and compressor Wholesale to The Swiss Detail:

1. Operation Principle

The Thermostatic Wax that has been sealed in shell body induces expansion by a given temperature, and inner rubber seal part drives its handspike to move under expansion pressure to realize a transition from thermal energy into mechanical energy. The Thermostatic Wax brings an upward movement to its handspike, and automatic control of various function are realized by use of upward movement of handspike. The return of handspike is accomplished by negative load in a given returned temperature.

2. Characteristic

(1)Small body size, occupied limited space, and its size and structure may be designed in according to the location where needs to work.

(2)Temperature control is reliable and nicety

(3)No shaking and tranquilization in working condition.

(4)The element doesn’t need special maintenance.

(5)Working life is long.

3.Main Technical Parameters

(1)Handspike’s height may be confirmed by drawing and technical parameters

(2)Handspike movement is relatives to the temperature range of the element, and the effective distance range is from 1.5mm to 20 mm.

(3)Temperature control range of thermal wax actuator is between –20 ~ 230℃.

(4)Lag phenomenon is generally 1 ~ 2℃. Friction of each component part and lag of the component part temperature cause a lag phenomenon. Because there is a difference between up and down curve of traveling distance.

(5)Loading force of thermal wax actuator is difference, it depends on its’ shell size.

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OEM manufacturer custom
 TU-1C01 thermal wax actuator for air conditioner and compressor Wholesale to The Swiss detail pictures

As a way to provide you advantage and enlarge our organization, we even have inspectors in QC Crew and guarantee you our greatest assistance and product or service for OEM manufacturer custom TU-1C01 thermal wax actuator for air conditioner and compressor Wholesale to The Swiss, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Austria , Madagascar , Norway , With the growing of the company, now our products sold and served at more than 15 countries around the world,such as Europe,North America,Middle-east,South America,Southern Asia and so on. As we bear in our mind that innovation is essential to our growth, new product development is constantly.Besides, Our flexible and efficient operation strategies,High quality products and competitive prices are exactly what our customers are looking for. Also a considerable service brings us good credit reputation.

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    Gas Pipe Sealant Warning!! Use Great White Pipe Joint. The one shown in the video is incorrect.


    Gas heater stopped working. This is a video in two parts. Check out the second video here (http://youtu.be/vO1QRihJuqk). Which will take you from troubleshooting the problem, getting familiar with the gas heater controls & guide you with information & brief details on replacement of the Gas Valve Assembly.

    If your gas heater is under warranty for parts & labor, then it is best to call out the professionals. This video should make it easy for you to verify the problem & if you feel adventurous & want to do it your self, then make sure you read all the instructions & safety warnings specific to your model of gas heater before proceeding. If you have any questions, please contact me via my channel.

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    1. How to Reset your Thermal Switch.
    Step1:Watch the part of the video at 2m & 26 seconds.http://youtu.be/k1qM-ZbYdWo?t=2m26s, remove the two leads from the controller. Trace the wires to the thermal switch & follow step 2
    Step 2:Reset the thermal switch or button on your water heater. If your water heater has a thermal reset switch, flip it. If your water heater has a thermal reset button, press & hold it for up to 4 seconds to reset your appliance. See this google images link to see typical places for the reset button, it is mostly on the thermal switch. Plastic piece which is not spring loaded. Thats how mine is.

    2. Your video was going very well until it showed you trying to remove the valve. It shows you turning it to the right, then the left & then trying to pull it out & it not coming out. Then you insert a (Recap) in the video & it never shows how you managed to get it out. Can you please explain?
    I had to turn anti-clock wise (left turns) to completely unscrew the valve from the heater body. The reason why I happened to go right is I realized I had some water leaking & assuming the worst case that water somehow had filled back up into the tank. I did have a leak in my water valve which caused the tank to slowly fill back up. In the end, I drained it & continued with unscrewing (anti-clockwise) till the valve was out. In the beginning it felt like I was going to break it as the plastic body is flimsy. Use your desecration on amount of pressure to apply. If its too tight, left & right turns will help loosen it up. Hope that helps.

    3. Hi I have a now 2 year old Kenmore water heater which is supposed to carry a 12 year warranty. My gas valve has gone out & has left me with no hot water for over a week.
    Sears tells me that this part isn’t under warranty & wants 200.00 for the part. I seem to get a different answer from them each time, but it seems they imply that as a homeowner, you have to contact a sears qualified technician & pay their labor before they will provide the part under warranty. Did you have all these problems getting your part?
    My situation was different. I had to contact the heater manufacturer as my home warranty of 1 year was up. However when I called the American Water Heaters warranty support, they performed troubleshooting over the phone & pretty soon we were on our way to replacement parts. Sears on the other h& seem to be violating consumer policies. Here is a link I found about one gentlemen trying to get parts. Good luck with it.


    4.Wait, what happened at 3:07 & at 3:35 ? — The most important parts of this video are not there, that is, the parts where the line gets connected back to the valve? WTF??
    The FTW happened was my camera is faulty & had stopped recording. However , what I did was just unscrewed all the connections. They are all threaded. Now, the part where I am unscrewing the valve, I had to stop recording as I found some water ( few gallons ),which gushed out. So even though you did a water drain, make sure that it is completely drained. Oh yeah, the missing video would have been , me rotating the valve anti clock wise. That’s it. I hope your tank gets back to work.

    5. My pilot light comes on ,but after I release the button after holding it for a minute,the pilot gos out,I used my field piece digital meter & set it on millivolts dc & connected my leads to the two wires on the water heater thermocouple wires like you did & the volts went up to 440 in a minute,or a little before a minute & then my meter gets no more reading,it shows OL on my meter,my question is shouldn’t I still have a millivolts reading on my meter even after a minute?

    OL could mean Over Limit, which means you still have voltage but your meter cannot read it. Do you have a higher setting or another meter?

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