Industry Automation Control

  • Wax Actuator Solution
    Post time: 06-09-2017

    Automobile Thermostat Element Motorcycle Enriching Valve Diesel Engine Automatic Regulator Water Temperature Control Mixing Water Control T Hermostatic Water Mixing Valve Temperature Control Switch 曰ectronic Control Switch Air Temperature Control Ventilating Control Temperature Control Valve Read more »

  • Temperature control valve
    Post time: 06-09-2017

    Applicable model: Atlascopco、SULLAIR、IngcrsoII-Rand、Compair、FUSHENG、LIUTECH、Mountains、Caesar、Aigle、Boge、AI can、Hanbell、UNITED OSD、Linguaphone、Hongwuhuan、Bolet、Schneider、Jaguar、Hitachi、Mitsui、Kamioka、Jucai、Giant wind、Xiangyang、Vicken、Woyang saide、SCR COMP、Quincy、Bauer...Read more »

  • Oil Cartridge Thermostats
    Post time: 06-08-2017

      Thermostatic Oil Valves have the ability to accurately control fluids within a mechanical system can mean the difference between a long running success and a short lived disaster. Our Oil Valves can give your system the accurate control necessary to assure proper flow direction and more. Read more »

  • Flow control valve
    Post time: 06-08-2017

    Flow control valve     Read more »

  • Temperature control valve part
    Post time: 06-08-2017

      Temperature control valve for fully hydraulic DTH Drill   Read more »

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