In the finite world, with our boundless think and global vision, we create infinite possibilities. And inherit the glory and profound knowledge.

The spirit and culture of TU-POLY originate from the insistence on the belief on the truth of technology by trying our new ideas. We create miracles constantly. It’s a great revolution of charming technology and it’s time to witness it.

TU-POLY is a high-tech group company which concentrates on developing thermal control, car sensors and ADAS system. Our main products are thermal actuators, thermal wax, MAP thermostat, automation equipment, oxygen sensor, electric relay, TPMS sensor etc.

Headquartered in Shanghai, TU-POLY Group has its own R&D base in Suzhou, manufacturing base in Nanjing and Hubei, and a subsidiary company in Zhejiang. In order to deeply integrate with technology and innovation, and to provide the best products and service to the customers. TU-POLY commits to research and develop the key technologies including precise control in practical application, multifunctional driving assistance, intelligent decision-making as well as teleprocessing and monitoring.

Relying on the technical reserves and supports from Tsinghua University, TU-POLY implements differentiated competitive strategies and provides high-quality and personalized products and services to meet the actual demands of different customers.

Our products have been in the market for more than ten years, and have been successfully exported to European and north American markets.

Our mission is “strive to offer perfect products to customers and strive to be a best global partner and supplier.

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