• Underfloor Heating System electric thermal actuator
    Post time: 07-20-2017

    A temperature control actuator designed for FVR and VHR valves. This type of actuator may be used in conjunction with any of the following valves.Used in radiators, pipes, solar heating systems, heating or cooling coils,and floor heating. The product comes with the VA54 adapter. 1. 24V AC/DC or ...Read more »

  • Thermo Electric Actuator
    Post time: 06-12-2017

    TU-POLY thermal actuators heated by positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater.These are often used in room thermostat or radio control for floor heating. Models with 230V (with built-in overvoltage protection 2.5kv) and 24V operating voltages PTC heater. Read more »

  • Control Valves
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    Control Valves with Thermoelectric Actuators These two-way, three-way and 4 ported zone control valves all use a simple time proven thermoelectric actuator operating on the principle of the expansion of refined wax when heated through its melting point. They are silent, extremely compact, inheren...Read more »

  • HVAC thermal actuator
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    The thermal actuator works with the principle of expansion of wax when heated.The assembly of the actuator allows for Normally Open or Normally Closed actions.The wax is heated with a PTC element, when power is applied to the actuator the PTC element warms up and heats the wax element. The wax be...Read more »

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