• electrically controlled wax thermostat.
    Post time: 09-09-2017

    This document defines the technical specification of a heater for an electrically controlled wax thermostat. This component is included in the thermo-management system of an automotive vehicle. The heater is immersed in the thermostat wax. Heating the wax in the thermostat, it can anticipate the ...Read more »

  • Post time: 09-09-2017

    Designed for vacuum tire passenger car. Built-in sensor can provide more accurate tire pressure changes measurement, suitable for commercial vehicles, sedans, SUV etc. with the function for spare tire testing. Product Features: Can effectively prevent the occurrence of tire blowout
When the foll...Read more »

  • Automotive Thermostat
    Post time: 04-18-2017

    The automotive thermostat is used in the cooling system of an engine cooled by liquid or air. It is used as a valve that directs the engine’s liquid flow to the radiator.     TU-POLY THERMOSTATS Allows fast heating of the engine (the thermostat remains closed while the engine is cool). Keep...Read more »

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