Wholesale Dealers of TU-1F91 thermal wax actuator for thermostatic automatic water drain valve to Tanzania Importers

Wholesale Dealers of
 TU-1F91 thermal wax actuator for thermostatic automatic water drain valve to Tanzania Importers

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Wholesale Dealers of TU-1F91 thermal wax actuator for thermostatic automatic water drain valve to Tanzania Importers Detail:

1. Operation Principle

The Thermostatic Wax that has been sealed in shell body induces expansion by a given temperature, and inner rubber seal part drives its handspike to move under expansion pressure to realize a transition from thermal energy into mechanical energy. The Thermostatic Wax brings an upward movement to its handspike, and automatic control of various function are realized by use of upward movement of handspike. The return of handspike is accomplished by negative load in a given returned temperature.

2. Characteristic

(1)Small body size, occupied limited space, and its size and structure may be designed in according to the location where needs to work.

(2)Temperature control is reliable and nicety

(3)No shaking and tranquilization in working condition.

(4)The element doesn’t need special maintenance.

(5)Working life is long.

3.Main Technical Parameters

(1)Handspike’s height may be confirmed by drawing and technical parameters

(2)Handspike movement is relatives to the temperature range of the element, and the effective distance range is from 1.5mm to 20 mm.

(3)Temperature control range of thermal wax actuator is between –20 ~ 230℃.

(4)Lag phenomenon is generally 1 ~ 2℃. Friction of each component part and lag of the component part temperature cause a lag phenomenon. Because there is a difference between up and down curve of traveling distance.

(5)Loading force of thermal wax actuator is difference, it depends on its’ shell size.


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Wholesale Dealers of
 TU-1F91 thermal wax actuator for thermostatic automatic water drain valve to Tanzania Importers detail pictures

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