Control Valves

Control Valves with Thermoelectric Actuators

These two-way, three-way and 4 ported zone control valves all use a simple time proven thermoelectric actuator operating on the principle of the expansion of refined wax when heated through its melting point. They are silent, extremely compact, inherently fail safe (open or closed) and operate on steam to 15PSI temperatures.

Control Valves11

Operating principle of a wax element with elastomer insert

Wax elements, their manufacturing processes and their application to regulation have been proven for decades. Even the most sophisticated requirements can be met using this simple yet extremely costeffective, precise and,above all, reliable technology.

Control Valves with Thermoelectric Actuators

This actuator is built on the tried and tested, totally silent wax expansion principle in conjunction with a unique intelligent position-encoding system.

The valve stroke responds precisely and reliably to the control signal within the shortest possible time.



Permanent, constant control

Spring return, closed on power failure

Automatic self testing, self adjusting feature at each power up

Hall effect position feedback

Position indicating window

Manual Overide:Auto – Manual

Maintenance free


Post time: Apr-18-2017
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