• Post time: Sep-09-2017

    Designed for vacuum tire passenger car. Built-in sensor can provide more accurate tire pressure changes measurement, suitable for commercial vehicles, sedans, SUV etc. with the function for spare tire testing. Product Features: Can effectively prevent the occurrence of tire blowout
When the foll...Read more »

  • Air compressor spare parts temperature control valve core
    Post time: Jul-27-2017

          Product Name Air Compressor spare parts, Thermostatic Valve, Temperature Control Valve Material Brass, Aluminium, Steel Color Primitive Color Standard ISO, ROHS, SGS Suitable Compressor Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Fu Sheng, Kaeser, Com...Read more »

  • Underfloor Heating System electric thermal actuator
    Post time: Jul-20-2017

    A temperature control actuator designed for FVR and VHR valves. This type of actuator may be used in conjunction with any of the following valves.Used in radiators, pipes, solar heating systems, heating or cooling coils,and floor heating. The product comes with the VA54 adapter. 1. 24V AC/DC or ...Read more »

  • TUSK213 Air Compressor Control Valve Core
    Post time: Jul-19-2017

    Air Compressor Control Temperature Hydraulic Thermostatic Valve Core Production Steps: 1, Smelting and making the hot forging 2, Machining and CNC processing 3, Assembling 4, Pressure test and quality checking 5, Packing Feature: Temperature: 45ºC / 70ºC Life test: 300,000 open and close cycles ...Read more »

  • Thermal Activated Vent Element
    Post time: Jun-15-2017

    Thermal actuators sense room air and adiust air flow into the space to satisfy the room load,requiring no wires.Thermal actuators as the hear of its design,respond to temperature change,retracting as they cool and extending as they warm up. It’s a new product of energy conservation and env...Read more »

  • Thermo Electric Actuator
    Post time: Jun-12-2017

    TU-POLY thermal actuators heated by positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater.These are often used in room thermostat or radio control for floor heating. Models with 230V (with built-in overvoltage protection 2.5kv) and 24V operating voltages PTC heater. Read more »

  • Wax Actuator Solution
    Post time: Jun-09-2017

    Automobile Thermostat Element Motorcycle Enriching Valve Diesel Engine Automatic Regulator Water Temperature Control Mixing Water Control T Hermostatic Water Mixing Valve Temperature Control Switch 曰ectronic Control Switch Air Temperature Control Ventilating Control Temperature Control Valve Read more »

  • Temperature control valve
    Post time: Jun-09-2017

    Applicable model: Atlascopco、SULLAIR、IngcrsoII-Rand、Compair、FUSHENG、LIUTECH、Mountains、Caesar、Aigle、Boge、AI can、Hanbell、UNITED OSD、Linguaphone、Hongwuhuan、Bolet、Schneider、Jaguar、Hitachi、Mitsui、Kamioka、Jucai、Giant wind、Xiangyang、Vicken、Woyang saide、SCR COMP、Quincy、Bauer...Read more »

  • Thermostatic valve element for Ingersoll-rand
    Post time: Jun-09-2017

      Our thermostatic valve element is used Ingersoll rand air compressor Rotary Contact-Cooled Air Compressors; Rotary Oil-Free Air Compressors99275075 36893824 39207402 54586805 22064687 95022034 99250532 39437645 42840256 54702212 99252207 95022257 49542621 39437652 92752203 2109295 3537107...Read more »

  • Oil Cartridge Thermostats
    Post time: Jun-08-2017

      Thermostatic Oil Valves have the ability to accurately control fluids within a mechanical system can mean the difference between a long running success and a short lived disaster. Our Oil Valves can give your system the accurate control necessary to assure proper flow direction and more. Read more »

  • temperature control valve element for air-compressor
    Post time: Jun-08-2017

    We produce for quincy compressor temperature control valve element: CT2200-16 22331-005 20344-008 20344-010 22331-053 140147 140147-2 FPE2050-190 1804-11 185200 125657-053 ELEMENT,VALVE,THERMO,140F 125657-055 FPE:1560-180 125657-056 ELEMENT,VALVE,THERMO,180F 125657-058 ELEMENT,VALVE,THERMO,160F...Read more »

  • Flow control valve
    Post time: Jun-08-2017

    Flow control valve     Read more »

  • Temperature control valve part
    Post time: Jun-08-2017

      Temperature control valve for fully hydraulic DTH Drill   Read more »

  • Variable Air Volume Air Diffuser with Thermostat
    Post time: Jun-05-2017

    FK-VFB/W Square Plate Type of  Variable Air Volume (VAV) Air Diffuser with Thermostat is one of the newest product Foundation recently launched which widely used in the place of 5.0 meter height like office, lab, conference room, exhibition gallery, shopping mall, resting lobby and ball room etc...Read more »

  • Thermostat Variable Swirl Diffuser
    Post time: May-03-2017

    Thermostat variable swirl diffuser can be used in large room that floor height is ≧3m ,e.g. airport,waiting room,theatres,business halls,big meeting rooms,shopping center etc. The control device for blade of this series products are manual, electrical, DDC long-distance center and thermostat con...Read more »

  • Air compressors temperature control valve
    Post time: Apr-25-2017

    Our temperature control valve element can 100% perfect replace the more than 40 different original compressors brand, for examples, Atlas Copco, Boge, Desran, Gardner-Denver, Fu Sheng, Liu-Tech, Hoerbiger, Kaeser, Compair, Quincy, Ingersoll-Rand, Hitachi, Mitsui Seiki, Kobelco, Sullair, Worthing...Read more »

  • Thermostatic mixing valve actuators
    Post time: Apr-25-2017

    The complete fluid control function integrated into a single unit. We can supplied actuators without housing. Developed to comply with the most demanding worldwide standards.     Read more »

  • Thermal actuator for VAV diffuser
    Post time: Apr-18-2017

    Self – sensing element is mainly used for central air conditioning ventilation and air supply system, which can control the wind direction of the tuyere, the diffuser, the ball type tuyere and the swirl tuyere. The air volume is adjusted automatically, which replaces the manual or electric...Read more »

    Post time: Apr-18-2017

    Steak Doneness Indicator Innovative way for cooking steaks to perfection, always!! Problem Statement • Always a challenge to cook steaks to desired doneness • Buy expensive thermometers to never find them when needed • Use of thermometers multiple times and locations • If steaks done in oven, op...Read more »

  • Control Valves
    Post time: Apr-18-2017

    Control Valves with Thermoelectric Actuators These two-way, three-way and 4 ported zone control valves all use a simple time proven thermoelectric actuator operating on the principle of the expansion of refined wax when heated through its melting point. They are silent, extremely compact, inheren...Read more »

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