HVAC thermal actuator

The thermal actuator works with the principle of expansion of wax when heated.The assembly of the actuator allows for Normally Open or Normally Closed actions.The wax is heated with a PTC element, when power is applied to the actuator the PTC element warms up and heats the wax element. The wax being heated expands and pushes the stem out. When cooling down it retracts

thermal actuator (heating element,thermostat head) is used to control the temperature of indoor radiator. Temperature control valve can have dynamic flux adjustment automatically within our pre-election temperature scope (the scale of 1~5 on the handle representone temperature scope), it can make the room temperature remaining in your requires temperature scoope, thus it can not only save energy, but also supply you a comfortable environment.

Temperature Curve


Internal Structure



Post time: Apr-18-2017
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