Underfloor Heating System electric thermal actuator

thermal actuator 1

A temperature control actuator designed for FVR and VHR valves. This type of actuator may be used in conjunction with any of the following valves.Used in radiators, pipes, solar heating systems, heating or cooling coils,and floor heating. The product comes with the VA54 adapter.

1. 24V AC/DC or 230V AC

2. Valve position indicator

technical data  
supply voltage 24V AC/DC or 230V AC
control signal ON/OFF,0 — 10V DC
Power  24V AC/DC,2VA,OPEN 250ma or 230V AC,2VA,OPEN 300ma
Closing time About 3 minutes
Force 100Nm
stroke 4mm
ambient temperature 0 — 60℃
Cable length 1m
Protection level IP54

thermal actuator

Post time: Jul-20-2017
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