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what are the steps of fabrication of transistor?
differentiate between line Regulation and load regulation.
write short notes on CMOS.
what is doping?
what is substrate in VLSI?
what is wafer in VLSI?
what is mean by fabrication in VLSI design?
what is the difference between salient pole and non salient pole?
what is short circuit ratio?
explain Kaplan turbine?
why we use non silent pole for high speed alternator?
what are the methods of improving power factor of induction motor?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of sandwich winding?
why there is only 3 phase system and not 6 phase and 9 phase system?
list the product names which have Integrated circuit.
how can we reverse the direction of rotation of three phase induction motor?
what are the various types of cables used for transmission?
is efficiency of transformer is greater than electrical machine and why?
what is stacking factor?
what are the causes of noise in transformer?
what is commutator pitch?
what are the advantages and limitation of digital signal processing ?
what is mean by back pitch?
explain cooling methods of transformer.
what is fringing flux ?
write short note on multi motor drive.

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