Climate Control Button Repair | GM Chevy Climate Temperature Panel

Is your climate panel on your 2003 to 2006 GM Chevy starting to fade? Are the icons looking blurred or scratched?
Trying to give your interior a new look?
Then order a set of Climate Control button Decals from ASI today.
These GM Chevy climate control button decals are so factory similar to the original look that you will not be able to tell the difference. Add this to your list of auto repairs and maintenance to enhance the overall Interior look of your vehicle.
All you need to do is flake off the old paint from your control panel and clean the panel using just a little bit of rubbing alcohol. After that, simply apply the specially Custom made decals to the panel, and within moments your climate control panel on your GM Chevy will look like its fresh off the showroom floor!
You can be sure that you will always get quality and trusted auto parts from
ASI Automotive Scientific Inc.
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Toll Free- 1-866-983-6688
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Post time: Oct-02-2017
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