LINUO USA Knife Gate Valves

The Linuo knife gate is an economical, high performance knife gate valve used in pulp and paper, refining, wastewater, water treatment, mining, and chemical fiber industries.

It offers the following advanced features:

1) A super thin body design and compact construction, providing easy installation.

2) The seats movable design with a spring loaded O-ring serves to provide self-compensation to normal seat wear, resulting in long term service life. Excellent seal tightness is upheld throughout a prolonged life cycle. Metal seated, EPDM seated and PTFE seat designs are available for various process conditions.

3) The disk bottom provides a knife shaped design with strong cutting force, particularly applicable for pulp media. The disk guide is hard chromium plated after a perfect surface grinding allowing high abrasion and corrosion resistance.

4) PTFE guides insure tight gate to body contact with low friction and no damage to the gate. Small machined transitions at the port bottom prevent residue build-up and reduce downtime.

5) A variety of port designs are available for various process conditions, such as 3 port, triangle port, hexagonal port, and others.

6) The knife gate valve can be mounted with pneumatic and electric actuators control systems for used in automatic control systems in a variety of industries.

Post time: Sep-03-2017
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