Plastic Cup Filling And Sealing Equipment linear automatic cup filler sealer machine

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Plastic Cup Filling And Sealing Equipment linear automatic cup filler sealer machine
This series is made of stainless steel and is designed to meet the needs to can drinks into plastic bottles and cups of various shapes and the to seal , cut the edge , automatically control the temperature , print the production date and to sterilize with ultraviolet lay ,it is mainly used in the stries like :drinks , brewing , medicine , seasoning , been curd , jelly , pudding , fruit juice , milk,yoghourt ,coffee powder and cold drinks
1. The machine is suitable for filling and sealing kinds of cups such as yogurt, milk, mineral water,pure water,water jelly,pudding,drink,juice,bean products, rice wine drink,jam,Guiling jelly,pickles,thick broad-bean sauce ect.
2. This machine can fill and seal muti-cups at one time ,high effectivity, accuracy, quickly.
3. This machine’s all components adopt international famous brand ,this machine has easy operation ,high degree of automation and fast production speed .
4. The machine can adopt PLC system according to your requirements. This machine can be made according to your requirements and your sample cup.
Automatically dropping cup, filling,UV sterilizing, light sensor, printing date, sealing, cutting etc. the machine is made of steel and stainless steel with simple construction and easy to operate .
We can make the machine according to customers’ demands.
Operation Work Process:
The Operation of This Cup Filling Machine:
Before opening the machine, put cup boxes on the cup box shelves;
put the material into the material storage box;
put sealing film ready;
put the mark on the sensor position.
Set up parameters and functions selection on the PLC touch screen;
set operation mode automatically;
press the start button, and then the machine will automatically start. Conveyor belt begins to move from the cup drop. The empty cup transports to filling location to start filling. Then the cups are delivered to the sealing position and begins to seal, delivered to the cutting position, and then start cutting into individual parts until the products come out.
1.High clean working environment,automatic operation,saving labour and economical.
2.Reserved for filling and cup drop and cup feed device and the expansion of the later mechanism,can be optional according to business needs,
3.Using Imported Component units
4.Computer touch screen,fully display the entire production and operation of machine situation(each unit in manual/automatic operation,each unit action range settings,parameters setting,PLC motion I/O real time monitor.Production capacity and batch setting,temperature set real time monitoring and low-temperature warning,exception messages and experience).simple in operation
5.Sealing and heating part is leak proof and water proof and even short-circuit proof,high security and ensure the sealing quality and electric life expectancy
6.The whole machine are stainless steel ,high-rigidity body strength,safety and healthy,without the risk of cleaning dirties.
Technical Parameter:
Packaging Speed
13440-17280 piece/h
Filling Content
Electric Motor Power
Heat Up Power
Air Pressure
0.5MPa-0.75 MPa
Maximum Air Consumption

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