PVC bending machine blister folding machine /Three sides edge blister folding bending machine

Power Voltage: 220v 50HZ or 380v 50HZ
Size of folding: W330*L500*H150mm
Thickness of material: 0.3-1.5mm
Speed: 300-600 times / hour
Machine size: 700*920*1530mm
Machine Weight: 150kg
G.weight: 170kgs
Package: Wooden Case

♦ Introduction
1. Blister Folding Machine is ideal for folding of plastic sucking molded products and suitable for three-edge folding of plastic-sucking cover and hard plastic sheets. This machine features high degree of automation and the trilateral heating plate employs separate temperature control that can regulate the heating temperature of each edge flexibly.
This machine is provided with photoelectric safety protection and cooling device that contributes to safe operation. Furthermore, the finished product would be cooled down rapidly after the folding; Hence, this machine has been widely used for card-insertion blister packaging.

♦ Features
1. Infrared magic eye safe designs, enduring, adapt a long-term safety design.
2. Save time, save energy, easy to operate, quick and accurate to produce.
3. The temperatures of three sides are average for their independence.
4. The size of models can arbitrarily adjust based on your need.
5. It can make various specifications according to the customer requirement.

♦ Basic Units
1. Heater Plate
2. Electronic Protective Device
3. Cooling system
4. Heating Temperature Controller

♦ Application Range
Blister Folding Machine is used to fold three sides of container in PVC, PP, PET and so on.
It can be used to pack articles for daily use, hardware, children’s toys and other small commodities. It is convenient, effective and safe.

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