Smart Street Lighting System

Summer Project by the students of VIT University, Vellore.

The project aims at curbing the power losses in the street lamps during the night time. It is based on the microntroller ATmega32.

Contents of project report:
1. Introduction.
2. Purpose.
3. Objective.
4. Equivalent Circuit Modelling.
4.1. Pin diagram of ATmega32.
4.2. IR Transmitter-Receiver Pair.
4.3. LDR Circuit.
4.4. LM324 Assembly.
4.5. Power LEDs Circuit.
5. Conclusion.
6. Test Results.
6.1. IR Pair sensing vehicle.
6.2. IR Pair sensing no vehicle.
7. References.

Download the report here for free:

Suggest you to use headphones. For any queries, feel free to comment.

Post time: Sep-21-2017
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