Throttle Position Sensor Symptoms And Fix TPS

Here is how to diagnose a bad throttle position sensor TPS on a car or truck. The throttle position sensor in this video is on a Chevrolet pick up truck. Most General Motors cars will have throttle position sensor’s like this. If your throttle position sensor is bad, your car won’t understand what you want to do when you step on the gas pedal, because the throttle position sensor or TPS isn’t able to tell the fuel injection computer how much fuel the engine needs based on how far down you push the throttle. Replacing the throttle position sensor on most car fuel injection systems is easy. It is out in the open on top of the engine near the air cleaner, and you just unscrew a couple of bolts and electrical connector, and replace it with a new TPS throttle position sensor. What’s this video to learn how to replace your throttle position sensor, or TPS on your car. This is an easy job to do, and this video shows you how to do it.

Post time: Oct-23-2017
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