ZnTe for plasmonic terahertz optoelectronics THz sales@dmphotonics.com

ZnTe for plasmonic terahertz optoelectronics THz sales@dmphotonics.com

Del Mar Photonics supply variety of crystals for THz generation, including ZnTe, GaP, GaSe, LiNbO3 and others

Del Mar Photonics supplies a high quality ZnTe crystals (Zinc Telluride). E-mail us for custom quote or check our online store for items available in stock.


Model Product Name+ Buy Now
CR-ZnTe-10-1 ZnTe crystal, 10×1 mm, 110-cut Buy Now
CR-ZnTe-10-0.5 ZnTe crystal, 10x10x0.5 mm, 110-cut Buy Now
CR-ZnTe-10-10-1 ZnTe crystal, 10x10x1 mm, 110-cut Buy Now
CR-ZnTe-20-20-0.2 ZnTe crystal, 20x20x0.2 mm, 110-cut Buy Now
CR-ZnTe-20-20-0.5 ZnTe crystal, 20x20x0.5 mm, 110-cut Buy Now
CR-ZnTe-20-20-0.5-AR ZnTe crystal, 20x20x0.5 mm, 110-cut, AR coated Buy Now
CR-ZnTe-6-6-0.2 ZnTe crystal, 6x6x0.2 mm, 110-cut Buy Now

ZnTe crystal news and updates

Terahertz pulse generation
Ultrafast E-O Sampling using ZnTe Crystal and Ti:sapphire Laser
Ultrafast sub-ps resolution electro-optic (E-O) sampling system using ZnTe crystal and Ti:sapphire laser
Zinc telluride (ZnTe) crystal structure, lattice parameters
substance: zinc telluride (ZnTe). 26s08d12. property: crystal structure, lattice parameters, thermal expansion. crystal structure: zincblende, space group F
Growth and characterization of 110 oriented ZnTe single crystal
Optical Characterization of ZnTe Single Crystal
THz Generation and Detection in ZnTe
Detection of the THz pulse occurs via free-space electro-optic detection in another 110 oriented ZnTe crystal
Greyhawk Optics – ZnTe crystal, 10x10x0.5 mm, 110-cut
The peak of the THz pulse amplitude shows a three-fold rotational symmetry when the ZnTe detector crystal is rotated by 360° about an axis normal to the …
The generation of terahertz (THz) pulses by the optical rectification of femtosecond laser pulses in a ZnTe crystal
Annealing effects of a high-quality ZnTe substrate

Featured publication:

Large-area electro-optic ZnTe terahertz emitters.
Löffler T, Hahn T, Thomson M, Jacob F, Roskos H.

We present a detailed experimental and theoretical study of terahertz (THz) generation and beam propagation in an optoelectronic THz system consisting of a large-area (ZnTe) electro-optic emitter and a standard electro-optic detector, and provide a comparison to typical biased GaAs emitters. As predicted by theory, in the absence of saturation the generated THz pulse energy is inversely proportional to the area of the optical pump beam incident on the emitter, although the detected on-axis electric field amplitude of the subsequently focused THz beam is practically independent of this area. This latter result promotes the use of larger emitter crystals in amplifier-laser-based THz systems in order to minimize saturation effects. Moreover, the generation of an initially larger THz beam also provides improved spatial resolution at intermediate foci between emitter and detector.

Post time: Oct-24-2017
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