Steak Doneness Indicator

Innovative way for cooking

steaks to perfection, always!!


Problem Statement

Always a challenge to cook steaks to desired doneness

Buy expensive thermometers to never find them when needed

Use of thermometers multiple times and locations

If steaks done in oven, open the oven door and keep checking

Challenges when cooking multiple steaks to different doneness

Novices always unable to cook steaks well

Even restaurants see challenges cooking steaks to perfection


Solution Rise-Up Doneness IndicatorPOP UP TIMERaa

Expansion of wax in conical cavity pushes stems up indicating

Doneness level of steak

How it Works

Steak gets seared first on both sides to capture all juices.

Once seared, the steak is taken out of the direct flame and the Rise up timer

inserted ensuring the tip ends approximately in the middle of the steak.

Rise Up Timer has 4 types of edible Waxes that melt at different

temperatures placed in 4 distinct cavities at the tip of the casing/capsule.

When Wax melts it expands approximately 10-15% pushing the stems up

exposing the colored side of the stem heads that indicate steak doneness.


Post time: Apr-18-2017
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